Induction Plenum

Application: Aviation, 3.1 Pounds, Alloy 355T6, Dye Penetrant Inspection per AMS 2645

Landing Gear Trunion

Application: Aviation, 5.2 Pounds, Alloy 771T6, X-Ray and Dye Penetrant Inspection per Customer’s Specifications

Oil Valve Body

Application: Aviation, 1.6 Pounds, Alloy 356T6, X-Ray and Dye Penetrant Inspection per Mil-Std-2175 (Class 2, Grade C)

Oil Filter Adapter

Application: Tier I Suppliers, 1.5 Pounds, Alloy A356T6

Canoe Bow Plate

Application: Unique Product Lines, 2 Pounds, Alloy 319

Bronze Hook

Application: Energy Infrastructure, 3 Pounds, Alloy 958


Application: Valves, 7.5 Pounds, 355T6, CMM Inspection

Vacuum Housing

Application: Automation, 31.5 Pounds, Alloy 319, Fixture for  CNC Horizontal Machining Center


Application: Valves, 5.3 Pounds, Alloy 355T6, Thread Gauging

Heating Element

Application: Heavy Machinery, 200 Pounds, Alloy 713, 72” Diameter

Oil Reservoir

Application: Tier I Suppliers, Alloy A356T6 and 6061 Weldment

Brake Caliper 

Application: Performance Automotive, 2 Pounds, Aluminum Alloy A357

Double Pouring No-Bake Mold

With hoist ladles


Application: Pumps, 3.7 Pounds, Alloy 304 Stainless Steel, Investment Casting

Vacuum Housing

Matchplate for 30 x 36 Flask

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