Machining Services

More than 60% of the parts supplied from Tri-State Cast Technologies’ companies are shipped completely machined. We encourage our customers to use our machining services for a number of reasons.

  1. Tooling Design – We design our foundry tooling and our machining fixtures at the same time.  This avoids extra process time and maximizes machining efficiency.
  2. Coordinated Scheduling – This enables us to compress the foundry and machining process time and improve workflow.
  3. Problem Solving – Certain casting defects are not visible in the raw casting state.  Milling below the surface and drilling into heavy bosses can reveal issues that are resolved before they get to the customer.
  4. Increased Inventory Turn – The customer can speed up the inventory turn because their cast components arrive in a more complete state and ready for assembly.
  5. Stocking Opportunity – If we can produce to blanket orders, we will cast and machine in economical quantities and stock parts for shipment as needed by the customer.

Differential Housing

Application: Performance Automotive, 13.5 Pounds, Alloy A356T6, Horizontal Machining Center


Application: Energy Infrastructure, 14 Pounds, Alloy 713, Lathe, Gear Hob, and Horizontal Machining Center


Application: Automation, Alloy 319, CNC Turning Center with Live Tooling


Application: Material Handling, 23.5 Pounds, Grey Iron, CNC Lathe, Horizontal Machining Center


Application: Energy Infrastructure, 15 Pounds, Alloy 713, Lathe and Horizontal Machining Center


Application: Pumps, 8 Pounds, Low Lead Brass Alloy, Lathe with live tooling

Pushrod Adapter Housing

Application: Aviation, .75 Pounds, Alloy 355T6, Vertical Machining Center

Base 1

Application: Valves, 7.5 Pounds, Alloy 355T71, Horizontal Machining Center

Base 2

Application: Valves, 6 Pounds, Alloy 355T71, Horizontal Machining Center